Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mobile Ready Website: To be or not to be

Getting a mobile ready website is a rage among people and they are queuing up to get the job done as soon as possible. Unfortunately the reality doesn't seem to kick in. Too much advertisements have led you to believe fitting a website into a mobile screen solves all your problem and suddenly you will have tremendous amount of sales going on and your business will be a boomin'.
The propaganda over Responsive Web Design RWD has now gripped more than half of the blogs spread across the cyberspace. All of this seems pretty much a farce if you don't even get gist behind the idea.
Don't mistake my saying that as getting a responsive web design was a mistake. I mean to those out there grinning, who haven't had this done yet are endangered species. Unless they want there websites to become extinct their only way out is a responsive web design. The point is people are so much rushing into getting this done, they have forgotten some key points of the deal which originally was meant to be followed.
Responsive Web Design, what it is and what it is not:-
  • Getting a website to fit into multiple screens isn't the complete answer.
  • Mobile ready websites don't mean they are up to date to handle any all your marketing woes.
  • Fluid grids are not meant to advertise your product, for that you need grippy content.
  • Media queries won't make your websites perform faster and decrease the page load time.
  • Beware of people who claim responsive web design and sell you device friendly templates.
  • Such mobile ready websites are dangerous for you and your business as well. Simply flexible images won't cover the entire genreof responsive web design.
  • There are other factors like content, presentation, performance which collectively contributes to RWD.

Do not let any web designer fool you into getting a mobile ready website and you end up paying for is a flexible web template.

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