Monday, September 1, 2014

10 Reasons to love Responsive Design

There is no telling you what is the future device of the digital market. You already know that smart phones and tablets have taken a lead in nearly all spheres of technology and their demand is constantly increasing. I don't think there is any need to overwhelm you with staggering statistics of how mobile web browsing is the new future of internet. I guess, even if you don't know the real data of mobile vs. desktop web browsing, you have a crude idea of the importance of websites to perform in your smart phones.
Here are the 10 reasons that will help you make up your mind:
  1. Responsive Web Designs or RWD are flexible and responsive to all screen sizes and platforms therefore providing a seamless experience.
  2. RWD is much lighter on your pocket as instead of making hardware dedicated websites.
  3. Every aspect of website is scaled just not the images but even media, content, fonts and graphics for a consistent viewing experience.
  4. Even web designers are at ease as they need only one code-base for the website instead of writing extra set of codes.
  5. Content Team can write the content with much less ambiguity as they will convey exactly what you want to say in all platforms effectively. Thus, resulting in better brand promotion for you.
  6. Better user interface will increase your reach therefore increased traffic and higher sales.
  7. Responsive websites will increase your value in Google search as it prefers websites having a responsive design.
  8. It reduces your Quality Assurance task whenever you want to update your site or for future redesign.
  9. Responsive websites have less release life cycle time and maintenance risks.
  10. Increase in marketability due to its existence on multiple platforms.

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