Friday, September 5, 2014

The Reality Behind the Responsive Web Design

've had a hard time believing many people across the globe still believe that fluid grid system and media queries will somehow magically revive your website into the largest hit within a span of few months. Such hopes on a misunderstood concept is sad, and it also makes me angry over all those evangelist of responsive web designs who have sung their hearts out in the praise of responsive web designs without giving away the finer details that matter.

Why am I so annoying today is because I'm tired of writing all the safeguards and advices about those finer details you missed and how they come back to stab you from behind. Hmph(taking a deep breath). Sorry, if I got a bit carried away, happens to you if your sitting 9 hours a day in front of your PC thinking about how to warn others of the supposed foolhardy they are so keen on doing.
Without much ado, responsive web design and mobile ready website means the same if, and only if, a professional and competent web designer is saying so. Otherwise it is a simple case of getting your website to be made to fit in a mobile. Okay, I'm not saying someone is trying to rob you or something, its possible the concerned person or agency in question is himself uncertain about the nuances of responsive web design.
I have to admit the real perspective of RWD can be quite elusive, hence the common misunderstanding. So i'm gonna break it down to you in few simple points so you read them carefully and get an idea of what am I trying to say and why it is important :-
  • Responsive Web Design came into being to support the idea behind making a unified website for all the devices.
  • Flexible images in fluid grid system and media queries definitely constitute a major part of RWD and initially it was all there was to it.
  • So what you think it means is what it meant at the start but as the concept developed a whole new identity emerged.
  • Accommodating your website into mobile is one aspect but representing it in mobile is another.
  • The representation includes content, its placement – what and where, and embedding performance into your website.
  • Studies have shown people will stay on a webpage if it loads within a second or two in the mobile.
  • This combination gives you an actual responsive design and to state it correctly a mobile smart website.
  • The idea is to engage the user to the last minute and communicate with him in a crisp yet effective manner.
I'm hoping whatever I wrote was of some value to you and would help you in deciding the future of your website and your business.

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