Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mobile Smart Website is the new Mobile Ready Website

Too long have you been plagued by the web designers telling you ways to have a responsive web design for your website , have it migrated to WordPress or something similar that is in their niche. Here I am writing another piece of informative text that tells you to pursue the best in the industry, whoever you may think he/she is, despite my allegiances. Yes, it is informative i swear.
Since I swore to you it will be informative let me tell you mobile ready website is just another catchy phrase that will have to adapt with the time or it will be gone for good. Read carefully what I'm saying and then cross reference it with what your web designer is telling you about your website. If it sounds similar then he is probably best for you, otherwise its time to go looking for someone who understands mobile ready website is not completely a mobile smart website.
So, to make a better judgment call the understanding of the topic is quite necessary.
  • Mobile Smart website is a holistic approach to responsive web design vis-à-vis mobile ready website.
  • It incorporates all the features of a mobile ready website and gives you better than what you expected.
  • Everything from fluid grids, media queries and flexible images to content matter and its placement is modified to fit the requirement of your customer.
  • It provides the highest level of customer interaction with fluid layout to captivating and informative content.
  • In essence it wants to give the best of both the worlds, responsive web design infused with the content both eloquent and brief. Thus, improving the visibility, subject matter and performance of the website in one masterstroke.
This is something serious to think about. An idea that completes itself and can single-handedly increase your market and revenue. Just to think of it, all your needs handed down to you on a silver platter in the cost of a website is a great deal, an opportunity that rarely comes by again.
Anyway, my job was to provide an “informative text” which I believe I did honestly, rest its up to and your quest for responsive web design to make the right choice.

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