Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 Beautifully Colorful Websites

This site features a large background image of a tree and a cloudy sky. The green of the tree and the grass look great with the blue sky.
Dedan screen shot
Veerle’s Blog
Would you expect anything less from one of the leading graphic design blogs? Veerle uses a dark background and a lot of color throughout the blog.
Veerle's Blog screen shot
Destination Organic
The website of Destination Organice features several colorful images that are complemented by a bright red navigation menu.
Destination Organic screen shot
With a colorful green background and other images that include a variety of colors, Emotions really stands out.
Emotions screen shot
A blue and green background that is bright, but not too hard on the eyes.
Ustvarjalko screen shot

This site uses a a blue background (sky) and the green leaves of a tree on the left side of the screen.
Glasdach screen shot
Life Lab
A very bright site that uses blue, green, pink, purple, and orange (not the fastest loading site though).
Life Lab screen shot
Tennessee Winter
There are not a lot of different colors on this site, but the various shades of blue look great.
Tennessee Winter screen shot
Tennessee Summer
If a Tennessee winter isn’t full of a lot of different colors, a Tennessee summer is.
Tennessee Summer screen shot
Virgin Vie Consultants
This site features a light pastel color scheme that uses less images than many of the other sites included here.
Virgin Vie screen shot
Marius Roosendaal
This portfolio site has an attract color scheme that is very easy on the eyes.
Marius Roosendaal screen shot
Bram Nicholson & Associates
An excellent use of a background image to give color to a design.
Bram Nicholson screen shot

African S Capes
This site uses a slide show effect with several different header images.
African S Capes screen shot
A nice color scheme involving green, blue, and black. The site sits on a wood floor background image.
Carsonified screen shot
Web Designer Wall
There’s a rainbow of colors in this blog for web designers.
Web Designer Wall
Capture the Valley
This site uses a nice variety of colors without making it hard to read.
Capture the Valley screen shot
Joomla Junkie
Joomla Junkie shows that it’s possible to use a white background and still feature great use of color.
Joomla Junkie
This blog uses a very colorful header image and a lot of colorful photos throughout the posts.
Inspiredology screen shot
Global Zoo
A variety of different colors and shades that come together to create a great color scheme.
Global Zoo
Visit Cascadia
This site has been featured in a number of CSS galleries. It makes use of a wide range of colors and it relies heavily on images.
Visit Cascadia screen shot
Pixel House
This Australian design company uses a few different shades of blue and green rather than using a larger variety of different colors.
Pixel House screen shot
Celebrific features very bright colors as well as some lighter pastels.
Celebrific screen shot
Alaska Sun Tanning Salon
This site uses a large background image, as well as blue, green, red, and orange in a pleasantly colorful appearance.
Alaska Sun Tanning Salon screen shot
Memorial Baptist Church
This church website uses a nice light color scheme of blues and greens.
Memorial Baptist Church screen shot
El Tesoro
This site uses a lot of graphics and photos to achieve its colorful look.
El Tesoro screen shot

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