Monday, October 24, 2011

10 Must Follow Tips to Make Your Design Attractive for Buyers

Senior Designers always want to attract buyers in design community. Professionals want to earn money in showing their creativity and make themselves popular among buyers and clients.
This article shows you how a designer makes his design attractive for buyers.

Read the nature and taste of your client/buyer

At first your task should have keep patience to read the nature and taste of your client or buyer. Before make a decisive point, ask him/her briefly about the project to make sure both you and your client’s vision are same.

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Try to give first priority for design tips of your client

It’s better if you ask your client few examples of design of his/her own choice. You can input few touch of colors that your client like generally. In this process you can grab an fair impact to your client for the design.

Image: Ambro

Give you concept with some touchable points

You have to think coolly and give your client a fresh idea with creative concept that can easily acceptable to your client. Keep in mind you have no time to waste, so make sure about the concept to your client.

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Make the design visually attractive

Make the design so that your client like it at a glance. Your design should be in great shape and sharpness with visually appealing and pleasing.

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Show few options of your design to choose

Some time your client like to choose from few variety of the design. So make two/three mock ups of the design with closest variety in color scheme or font selection etc. keep the layout nearly the same.

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Try to convince your client for the design

When your client not pleased fully with the design, you have to hear the feedback of your client and make the changes gladly and explain the details of plus points of the design that should not be change. You have to insist the client smoothly to accept the design.

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You have to keep patience with your client

Sometime clients want you to change the design frequently that must irritate you. In that case you have to keep patience and steadily explain your design status in your favor.

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Always ask specific feedback from your client

Ask your client to give specific feedback so that you can modify the design in proper direction. To improve the design quality you have to keep in mind the main points of feedback.

Image: Stuart Miles

Try to finish the design on time or before time

You have to maintain timeline to deliver the product. Always complete the design well before time so that few changes can be done within the schedule time. Most of the clients like punctuality of a designer.

Image: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot

Do not charge high rate for a design or not try to bargain

Make sure your rate is perfect for the client. Because, a good client is precious for you. Explain your client for the price you charged for the specific design.

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