Monday, November 28, 2011

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library php_openssl.dll

You might get the error: “PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library php_openssl.dll. The operating system cannot run %1“, when you are trying to start the apache server in the error.log file.
Basically what this error is trying to mention that there is an issue with your php_openssl.dll and a possible mismatch with other depending libraries. To resolve this, follow the below steps:
1. Rename ‘ssleay32.dll’ and ‘libeay32.dll’ in c:\windows\system32 to ‘ssleay32.dll.old’ and ‘libeay32.dll.old’ respectively.
2. Copy ‘ssleay32.dll’ and ‘libeay32.dll’ from your PHP folder to the system32.
3. Restart the apache webserver.
This should get your problem sorted!!

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