Sunday, December 11, 2011

7 Online Invoicing Apps for Freelancers

I love online apps and with the exception of my trusty Adobe programs, have taken to using virtually everything online from email to spreadsheets to money management. One area where online apps can be really beneficial to freelancers is for invoicing. In fact, online invoicing is so useful that there are a *ton* of options to choose from.
Here are 7 invoicing apps you might want to look into:
  1. LessAccounting

    First up on the list is LessAccounting, partly because it’s a neat program and partly because they Allan Branch from LessEverything writes articles for FSw! LessAccounting does invoicing (sending and tracking) and it also helps you track your banking data by interfacing with Wesabe – the rather neat money-management app.
    COST: $0 – $20 p/month (Details)
  2. Freshbooks

    Freshbooks is what we use here at FreelanceSwitch to invoice advertisers and what not. The neat thing about Freshbooks is that they have quite a few features like support ticketing, document branding, timesheets, the ability to send snail mail invoices and so on.
    COST: $0 – $149 p/month (Details)
  3. Blinksale

    Blinksale is distinguished by the fact that it looks very cool! It lets you use CSS to design your invoices and interfaces with Basecamp to get client lists for you efficiently. Like many of these apps you can also send recurring invoices which is useful for things like hosting and domain bills which you are likely to forget otherwise.
    COST: $0 – $49 p/month (Details)
  4. SimplyInvoices

    Back in July we profiled the SimplyInvoices Launch and it looks like the product is still going strong. It is easy to use and like Blinksale, also integrates with Basecamp.
    COST: $0 – $25 p/month
  5. Cashboard

    Cashboard is one of the stronger applications in this roundup and takes care of everything from estimating to time tracking to invoicing. It’s been around for a while, has a lot of positive reviews, integrates with Basecamp and has a lot of customers.
    COST: $0 -$140 p/month (Details)
  6. SimplyBill

    SimplyBill does timetracking (including a desktop widget), email alerts, customizeable templates, quotes, invoices and looks like a solid app.
    COST: $5 – $25 p/month (Details)
  7. InvoicePlace

    InvoicePlace is not specifically targetted at freelancers, but does everything you would need and more. It allows you to bill in any of 19 different currencies and provides a lot of control over your invoices.
    COST: $0 – $32 p/month (Details)

More Apps …

There’s plenty more applications out there too! Like these:
  1. The Invoice Machine
  2. InvoTrak
  3. SideJobTrack
  4. BillingOrchard
  5. Bamboo Invoice
Know any more? Leave a comment!


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