Thursday, December 30, 2010

50% Increase in Engagement with Blog Posts after Day One

According to new figs released by analytics firm Postrank, the predicted demise of blogs as a result of the success of social media appears to be wide of the mark.
Since 2007 Postrank has been analysing blog metrics including comments, trackbacks, shared links and online bookmarks for the 1000 most-engaging feeds and 100,000 randomly selected blog posts. The resulting evidence paints a very interesting picture as to the evolution of blogging over the period.
The three major findings are:
  1. Overall total engagement has increased 30% year on year.
  2. Commenting: On-site engagement has decreased.
  3. Link Sharing: Off site engagement has increased.

Another interesting outcome is that blog posts now have a much longer lifespan. In 2007, only 6% of total engagement happened after the day of posting , while in 2008 it was up to 17%. This year it has more than doubled with a full 36% of engagement happening after day one.
So what might this mean for business?
Other research indicates that time remains the number one factor cited as to why businesses choose not to blog, with approximately 2/3 yet to start. And for those that believed blogging was something that would run its course – the contrary in fact now appears to be the case.
The growth of social media means that a company blog is now an even more effective means of communicating with customers . Blogging combined with social media allows the smallest businesses a long reach.
So then!…perhaps there has never been a better time to start blogging… what do you think?