Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Magento remove Paypal logo

For magento 1.7. C.E. users [scroll down]
to find how to easily remove the paypal logo from the admin panel with out modifying any of your layout or template or css files ;-)
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magento remove paypal logo
1. Login to your Admin Panel of your Store. Go to System -> Configuration and click on  PayPal logofrom the options on the left  side.

2. Then you will get the whole settings of Paypal in your Magento Store. Click on the Tab “Front end Experience settings“.

3. Select “No Logo” from the drop down list of the PayPal Product Logo field.
magento remove paypal logo
4. We are done with this.  Just save your configuration and flush your magento cache from the admin or go to var / cache directory and manually remove all the files. Then refresh your home page. You can find paypal logo is removed from magento home page.
magento remove paypal logo
For magento 1.7 users, Login in to admin panel and go to the following paypal configuration section mentioned below,
System->configuration->payment methods -> Paypal All in one payments solutions->
Paypal Payments Advanced (includes express checkout)-> Basic settings paypal payments advanced->
Frontend Expereince settings -> Paypal Product Logo
To ease your finding click on the image below which will open it in a new tab or window  and click again the opened image to view it with clear and high resolution image.
Remove Paypal logo - in magento 1.7. C.E.
Remove Paypal logo – in magento 1.7. C.E.
Cheers :-)
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  1. These are great debugging tips for Magento. A lot of developers are surely interested with this helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

    Cado Magenge