Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Chain Of Links

When you get down to it the web is one long chain of links and you never know how or when you’ll come across a useful site or how someone out there may find you.

The other night I came across a site that had what I thought to be a good introductory article to researching keywords. It’s a two-part article and the links are:
Keywords part 1
Keywords part 2
Other than a recommendation about using the meta keyword tag toward the end of the second part the advice was good.
The interesting part to me was that I found the article through the stats packages on my site. The main seochat site was listed as the referrer a couple of times in sending some new visitor my way. The thing is as far as I know I don’t have any links on their site. I did a search on their site for mine just to check and came up empty. I assume it’s some error in the stats package or maybe somewhere deep in the site there is some link to me.
It’s just one of the things I find fascinating about this online world of ours. How through what I believe was an innocent error I discovered a new site filled with articles I may find useful and has now been added to my overgrowing list of bookmarked sites. Remember how once upon a time people would surf the web clicking on links that just seemed interesting. Does anyone still do that or do we only go to sites where we know in advance what we’ll get?
In a world of bookmarks and targeted linking there’s still some joy in just surfing to see where the web will lead. I’ve discovered many a good site this way and still do when I have a few hours to kill.
So why am I telling you all this? Do I really think you need a lesson in web surfing? Not at all. It just made me realize that you never know where the next visitor to your site may come from. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be about having ultra targeted links on the most relevant site to yours. Sometimes it can be a random link you stumble across that simply seems interesting.
Of course you should still be looking for relevant links and doing what you can to get a keyword or two in the anchor text for the link, but when you do come across a site that isn’t so relevant and probably won’t do much to improve your results in the search engines the link may still generate some traffic. A random link I found now has two more copies here and maybe will attract a few more visitors.
And even if the link never results in a sale or conversion it still contributes to the joy of exploration someone can get finding a site they might otherwise never have encountered. Linking is a giant chain. You never know where it will lead, but right now a link is going up somewhere along the chain that will eventually point it’s way to your site. Assuming you add your links to the chain of course.

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