Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to Install Octopress

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how I’ve installed Octopress. Installing Octopress was a fun experience especially for those without prior knowledge of Ruby tools such as gems, rake and stuff.
As you might probably know Octopress is a blogging framework for hackers and the customizability(I don’t know if that word exists) is pretty flexible you can almost do anything that you want.
The documentation for Octopress is actually pretty readable and easy to follow. You can actually go ahead and read it up and see if you can follow. Just come back here if you think you cannot and I’ll make things easier for you. I promise.

Tools you’re going to need

Download and install the first 2 tools(Ruby and Ruby Gems). It’s not that difficult. The third one(Ruby Dev Kit) is a little bit harder in my opinion so I’m going to show it to you.

Installing the Ruby Dev Kit

Extract the zip file anywhere then open up a new terminal inside the root directory where its contents has been extracted.
Execute this command:
ruby dk.rb init
Edit the config.yml file that it has generated. On the last line specify the directory where Ruby is installed:
- D:/web_files/github/yari/ruby-1.9.3-p194-i386-mingw32
Execute the following command(still inside the ruby dev kit folder):
ruby dk.rb install
Once that’s done you can actually go ahead and follow the Octopress Setup Guide.
The Octopress docs will pretty much guide you what to do next so it’s actually pretty easy and straightforward.
Just go through the following guides in order. The following steps assumes that you have already installed Git on your computer. If you haven’t done it yet just follow this guide from Github on setting up Git. If you’re on Windows its actually a lot more easier because all you have to do is to download the Github installer for Windows and install it just like how you install most of the programs on Windows(click next until you hit finish).
If you’re having trouble you can seek help at Stackoverflow(don’t forget to use the octopress tag), Twitter(they’re pretty fast at responding) or Octopress Github Page and post an issue.
Good luck

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