Wednesday, November 26, 2014

50 years of IBM Mainframe

Half a century since the first IBM System 360 mainframe computers were first implemented within commercial and scientific industries, we look back at the origins of the pioneering technology that defined the 20th century, and how these machines are still used today.

Founded in 1911, IBM’s most significant product came over 50 years later with the advent of the System 360 Mainframe. Built in various sizes, and designed for different purposes, these systems revolutionised sectors across the commercial and scientific markets - becoming particularly prominent in the automobile industry.

Computers were being sold prior to the invention of the System 360, however the pioneering system changed the thought process of computer manufacturing and the roles of computers in modern society.

Traces of the original 360 mainframe can be seen in legacy systems across the worldwide banking and financial sectors – which still utilise elements of the ground breaking technology today.

Whilst a number of original System 360 Mainframes still exist, they have long since ceased to function – a number are kept as visual mementos of a time that changed our world, which can be found exclusively in the US.

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